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The Mata Method

The Mata Method focuses on functional strength building, complimentary accessory work, high intensity interval training, and various endurance systems. Each day will test individuals through a blend of weights, cardio, and bodyweight training designed to achieve optimal results.  The goal is to maintain an emphasis on safety, lifestyle, and training while promoting body awareness through physical strength and mental clarity.  We believe longevity and wellness are the key to continued success.

Strength and Conditioning will increase lean muscle mass by building strength through functional movement patterns, plus accessory work. Class will finish with various conditioning pieces from AMRAPs to benchmarks to simply moving with purpose.  Sweat is a high intensity interval workout that will utilize minimal equipment and challenge your ability to keep up. How hard are you willing to push yourself and discover if the limit does exist?

What We Offer

Group Training

Group Training

Cardio, strength and interval training. Workouts for all fitness levels. Flexible class times. Coach led classes.
Personal Training

Personal Training

Tailored to your goals. Flexible time slots. 1-on-1 attention. Build a platform for a group setting.
Punch Cards

Open Gym

Freedom of coming when convenient. Great for traveling schedules.

For Everyone

Workouts For All Levels

Workouts For All Levels

(beginners » intermediate » advanced)

Flexible Class Times

Flexible Class Times

(for your schedule)

A Supportive Community

A Supportive Community

(You’re part of the family)

Our Team


Sean Mata

Sean Mata has always had a passion for being active and playing sports.  At the early age of 4, he started playing soccer which continued through his high school years. He became interested in pursuing fitness as a career and started his journey at The Houstonian, a private luxury health and fitness club, where he gained experience leading group classes; spin, TRX, body pump and stairs/hills. In 2012, he opened the doors to Covenant Gym, which was originally a CrossFit affiliate but has evolved into an elite strength & conditioning facility that allows for a more sustainable training program. Sean has developed a tailored approach to training that focuses on variation, progression and sustainability for long-term fitness results. His emphasis on total body programming and body awareness through physical strength and mental clarity ensures minimal risk of injuries. Sean is known for having a one-on-one approach with all of his clients even in a group class setting. He is dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals and models a holistic lifestyle whether it’s in or outside the gym. His “live with purpose” motto translates into his daily life through breath work, proper nutrition, ice baths and overall consistency. His wife Kelly and two daughters (Frankie and Millie) enjoy the peacefulness of being outside when its time to recharge. They’re his world!
Gym Jones Certified Trainer
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Kettlebell
CrossFit Gymnastics
Attendee of Ben Bergeron’s “Business of Excellence” Seminar
Keiser Spin Certification
Group X Instructors Certification


Mateo Jimenez

Mateo began his journey with strength and conditioning in May 2016 in search of new ways to improve his fitness level. He played soccer at a collegiate level for 4 years, so working out was a natural transition from a competitive standpoint. Mateo enjoys various competitions around the Texas area. He is a member of multiple amateur soccer teams and a regular participant of marathon races. Competition and challenging workouts is what attracted Mateo to the gym, but is the friendships and community that keep bringing him back. He enjoys seeing people from different backgrounds encourage each other to reach their personal fitness goals. During his personal time Mateo enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and volunteering.
CrossFit L-1

Jack Feigleson

Jack Feigleson

In his early years Jack lived by the motto “Ball is Life” playing basketball competitively year round through high school. After high school, Jack participated in multiple intramural sports at Clemson University and after graduating returned to Houston where he transitioned to spending most of his weekends on the lake wakeboarding & wake surfing. Looking for a new challenge and motivation to his workouts after injuries from the lake begin to add up, Jack tried several of the group fitness options available in Houston. He found Covenant in 2015 and from the first day knew it was the perfect fit of community and programming. Jack begin coaching at Covenant in summer of 2019 and has enjoyed the added challenge coaching brings with it as well as getting to know Covenant members better across all class times. Jack lives in Houston with his wife Ricaé. They enjoy traveling whenever they can and promoting and experiencing all things Houston Heights when in town!
CrossFit L-1

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    Group Training

    • Unlimited (incl. open gym) = $215
    • 3x p/ week = $205
    • Couples Unlimited (incl. open gym) = $350
    • Punch Card (10 classes) = $220

    Personal/Small Group Training

    • Pricing varies
    • Free 1-on-1 consultation

    Open Gym

    • $95 p/ month
    • Reservations required


    How much is it to try a class?
    It is important to us that Covenant is the right fit for you so your first two classes are FREE. Simply check our schedule, find a class that is convenient for you, reserve and lets go!
    I am new to group strength & conditioning, what should I do?
    Every class offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced option that caters to all fitness levels. We believe you should experience the structure of a class and the community that goes with it. If you would like some extra attention, our trainers are readily available to schedule personal training sessions that are convenient for you.
    What should I bring?
    Covenant Gym is an air conditioned facility but expect to sweat! Wear comfortable clothing, workout shoes and bring a water bottle. There are water stations to top off at and a shower facility for your convenience.
    How long is a class and what should I expect?
    Classes are 1-hour, which include a coach led breakdown of todays workout, warm up, tutorial of movement(s) + workout and cool down. Expect to leave feeling tired and accomplished. We are here to help you be the best you can be, so lets get it!


    Covenant Gym will provide unparalleled sanitation protocols to mitigate the spread of Covid 19. Your health and safety is our priority.


    • Wear a mask upon arrival and departure of the facility (does not need to be worn while working out)
    • Temperature reading + hand sanitation.
    • Grab a personal disinfectant bottle and towel.
    • Disinfect equipment before/after use.
    • Return disinfectant and discard towel.
    • Sanitize hands.
    • Enjoy the fresh air.

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    What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up. Make it a habit. ✨Group Training Schedule
Monday - Friday
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