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SET THE TONE How was your weekend? Did you get an opportunity to relax and regroup from a hectic week or was it filled with cheat meals, drinking and debauchery. We’ve all been there but when that alarm goes off Monday morning we have a choice: wake up, gain momentum and take charge or use […]

Operation Bolt Fundraiser

In partnership with Karen Hunt at Boost Pilates… BOODLE BOXES! Holiday Care Packages for Deployed Troops! Several years ago, my friend Lorrie Rodriguez and I began sending “boodle boxes” to soldiers that are deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq at Christmas time. Lorrie is a military mom and I am a military Godmother – so you […]


I’m back and I’m in one piece. First off I want to recognize and thank the entire coaching staff at Covenant! If it weren’t for you guys, this amazing experience would not of been possible. I received multiple comments from members throughout the week in regards to your coaching and I am grateful for you […]

Get Some

GET SOME There are days in our lives when we do not feel like pushing past our comfort zones. I personally workout at the 0530 class, which is easy to skip/miss a day because I am warm and comfortable in my bed. When my alarm goes off at 0430, that is the moment that shapes […]

Vacationing/Travelling and Working Out

Luckily enough we are fortunate to get an opportunity to travel at some point during the year. There are a couple ways to go about your vacation. We possibly use this time to rest, recover and stay away from the gym or choose to seek out some sort of physical activity. For myself a successful […]