Circuit Training:
Circuit training is the combination of dynamic strength-training and aerobic exercise. Typically individuals will rotate through a series of movements under a time constraint and/or completing as many rounds/reps as possible within a designated time frame. By rotating through stations at a fast pace, heart rates are expected to maintain at a high level throughout the duration of the workout.
Stations are task oriented functional/isolation movements that are completed for quality. The intention is to keep the heart rate down and focus on sculpting muscles through tempo and loading phases. The production of lean muscle mass is essential for the fat burning process during this workout.
Bodyweight classes are strength/endurance classes that require the individual’s own bodyweight to provide resistance against gravity. The focus is to incorporate plyometric exercises that will generate power quickly and efficiently throughout the body’s muscles. This is a burner to create speed and strength.
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):
HIIT is a type of interval training in which the individual performs short periods of high-intensity exercises with limited amounts of rest, repetitively. What is the body’s true limit and can it be discovered? Let’s find out.
Team workouts don’t necessarily mean you are working together to complete a task. Although that might be the case, teams help drive “work to rest ratios” and challenge the status quo by creating new ideas on how to best complete a workout. At Covenant we work as a pack!

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