How was your weekend? Did you get an opportunity to relax and regroup from a hectic week or was it filled with cheat meals, drinking and debauchery. We’ve all been there but when that alarm goes off Monday morning we have a choice: wake up, gain momentum and take charge or use one of the many excuses we’ve come up with to hit the snooze button and kick start a shitty week. A research study shows that searches on google that included the word “healthy” were 30% more frequent in the early part of the week, with the least amount being on Saturday. Hmmmm. You’re not a bad person for indulging and having a good time but let’s create a habit of starting the week off right and earning our way to the guilty pleasures. The result is simple, come out on top!

Let’s take some time do a comparison:

1. Start late – There are tons of opportunities to be late on a Monday, aka snooze buttons. “What should I wear it’s getting cold? Should I pack a lunch, f*ck it I’ll order something out.” Traffic – “this idiot wrecked his car cause he was rushing that’s why I was late.” Ok that’s enough.
2. Skip a workout – Hopefully you rewarded yourself with a treat meal over the weekend, you earned it, remember! You probably took Sunday off from any strenuous exercise and maybe even Saturday. At this point it’s crucial to get back at it because if we skip it’s easier for another snooze on Tuesday.
3. Lethargic – You’re tired due to social jet lag, you ate shitty, drank too much and didn’t go to bed on time. It becomes real easy to disregard that stack of paper work and unanswered emails, yeah it can wait until Tuesday. There goes your routine.
4. 2pm crash – At this point you’ve probably had 2-3 cups of coffee, you’re stressed cause “Monday’s suck,” and probably decided that you’re not going to an afternoon workout cause you’re tired.
5. Dinner time – Let’s face it guys at this point we aren’t baking brusell sprouts and grilling salmon. A good case of the Monday blues will bring a to go salad drenched in dressing and a side of deep fried sweet potato fries to your door. “Nah I’m gonna grab a burger, I’ll get back on my game tomorrow.”

**Sound familiar? Maybe not to this extreme but the point is Tuesday isn’t looking good.**

1. Get up – Suffer through the awkward 5 minutes of waking up so the remaining 12-15 hours are owned.
2. Get a workout – Sweat out the bullshit and set the tone for the week with some heavy squats (we are in week 3 of our squat cycle). Accomplishment on a Monday, I’ll take it!
3. Eat well – I’m not getting into this cause we all know what a good meal entails. Fill your tank with the supreme fuel.
4. Own your week – By finishing the day with healthy meals, hydration and a good workout you will feel better overall. Research studies show that physical exercise releases endorphins. These are the hormones that make you feel happy. Exercise also releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that assists you with impulses (tempting cravings) and calm anxious brain activity.
5. Get to bed – Circadian rhythm or your body’s internal clock also gets a reboot from various forms of exercise. Essentially your body says, “ok time to get back on track and get some sleep at a decent hour.”

**Notice on a GOOD MONDAY we are benefitting by getting and receiving.**

Below are some simple tips to get you started for a solid week.

1. Take 1-2 hours on Sunday for some meal prepping. Seriously take some time and prep something that makes you feel good. You have all day.
2. Decide what time you are going to workout, make it a priority and plan around that. This can also be extended through the rest of the week.
3. Set your alarm clock up on the other side of the room, get up and stay up. I have yet to hear someone legitimately express regret for getting up on time and being ahead of schedule.
4. Once you’re up each morning, start to building a routine that gets the blood and mind flowing. Look out for a follow up post on morning routines.
5. Stop making excuses and find solutions. Set yourself up for success.

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