Brandon August

    Brandon August

    Group fitness trainer


    Brandon started his athletic career playing baseball, which he stuck with for nearly a decade. After a string of injuries and shoulder surgery, he switched his focus to strengthening his body with functional movements by first exploring the sport of powerlifting during his first year of graduate school at Baylor College of Medicine. At his first powerlifting meet in Houston, TX in 2015, Brandon observed a CrossFit competition being held in the same arena. He was immediately captivated by the camaraderie within the community of people competing on the same side, but also teams and individuals competing against one another. Within a few weeks, Brandon began practicing functional movements through the application of weightlifting and CrossFit and hasn’t looked back. Since then, he has competed in several CrossFit competitions including Wodapalooza in Miami, FL in 2017 and The Fittest Experience in Austin, TX in 2019.

    Brandon is passionate about obtaining and spreading knowledge, as shown by his work towards the completion of his PhD in cancer biology. This passion extends to coaching, where he enjoys teaching skills and functional movements, improving fundamental movement patterns, educating people on health and fitness, and ultimately helping others reach their fitness goals. Brandon continues to expand his education through certifications and the scientific literature, which he then applies to his life and the lives of others around him.

    Brandon obtained his CrossFit L-1 certification and is eager to continue his education by completing additional certifications and coaching athletes from all backgrounds. Outside the gym, you’ll most likely find Brandon with his dog Bella, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying nature.

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