Sean Mata

    Sean Mata

    Owner and fitness coach/trainer


    Growing up, Sean has always had a passion for health and fitness. He started playing soccer at the age of 4 which then continued to lifting weights in high school. While studying Hotel Restaurant Management in college and burnt out on studying and paying student loans his mother asked him “what do you want to do with your life?” He answered directly when working out at Golds Gym in between sets, “I want to own a gym.” So it began…

    Sean began picking up towels in the locker room at the Houstonian Lite while he began slowly climbing the ladder. By the time he left he was a personal trainer, spin instructor (mic and all), and membership manager. In December of 2012 he opened Covenant CrossFit with 6 members, some are still here today! In 2014 he qualified for the CrossFit regional competition as an individual. Aside from competition, Sean throughly enjoys engaging with the community in and outside of the gym.

    In 2018, Sean decided to take the gym to another level by not being affiliated to the CF brand and focusing on multiple training systems. Although CF changed his life forever, his hunger grew for more knowledge in the health and fitness industry. His number one priority is dedicated to creating a healthier lifestyle amongst fellow Houstonian’s through knowledge and experience. Along with improving his skills as a coach/trainer, Sean continues to pursue certifications offered throughout the community.

    If Sean is not in the gym you can find him with his beautiful wife Kelly, traveling to the mountains, hanging out with Juice, or doing something fun, like waiting on a daughter.

    Gym Jones Fundamental
    Gym Jones Intermediate
    Gym Jones Advanced (August 2018)
    CrossFit Level 1
    CrossFit Level 2
    CrossFit Strongman
    CrossFit Kettlebell
    CrossFit Gymanstics
    Attendee of Ben Bergeron’s “Business of Excellence” Seminar
    Keiser Spin Instruction
    Group X Instructors Certification