Vacationing/Travelling and Working Out

Luckily enough we are fortunate to get an opportunity to travel at some point during the year. There are a couple ways to go about your vacation. We possibly use this time to rest, recover and stay away from the gym or choose to seek out some sort of physical activity. For myself a successful vacation brings me home feeling rejuvenated and happy. My attempt in doing so includes being active outdoors, discovering tasty foods, having a couple cocktails and getting lots of sleep. I balance all this out with getting my heart rate up first thing in the morning. Should there be a gym close by I will make my way there and do the Covenant workout of the day or create something in the hotel gym. Typically there are some staples to count on in the hotel; dumbbells, treadmills, a pull up bar and best of all, your body weight. Below are a couple workouts you can use…

20 DB deadlifts 50/35
40 walking lunges (hands clasped on head)
30 DB push ups
**5x – rest 1min BTWN RNDS**

EMOM for 16min complete:
Min1: 9 DB burpees 35/20
Min2: 12 single DB squat clean thrusters 35/20
Min3: 12 strict pull ups
Min4: :60sec plank
**should be done with MVMTS no later than :40sec, modify if needed**

E4MOM for 12min complete:
50 air squats
40 mountain climbers
30 lunges
20 push ups
10 burpees
**credit to @amrapmentality**

20 DB deadlifts 40/30
:60sec manual treadmill push (mimic sled push)
20 DB S2OH 40/30
:60sec run (hard)
**5x – rest 2min BTWN RNDS**

Tabata :20sec work/:10sec rest
Air squats – 8x
Treadmill sprint (incline if needed) – 8x
Tuck crunches – 8x
Treadmill sprint (incline if needed) – 8x

The overall point of a successful workout is to sweat and get out of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself to design a workout for yourself. Answer simple questions? Is it difficult? Do you feel accomplished after? Did you push your personal limits? If you answered yes to any of these, you did your job! Hope this helps justify those margaritas and food comas.

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  • John

    July 23, 2018 @ 5:51 pm

    Talk about good timing. Thanks for this!

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