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5/15/20 – W7D5 WARM UP 200m run + 40 mountain climbers + 10 reach and rolls – 3x then, EMOM for 3min complete: 6 jumping squats + 6 drop lunges   CHALLENGE EMOM until you can not complete: 2 jumping squats 2 drop lunges **add 2 reps to each minute**   WORKOUT    :60sec RKBS :60sec wall […]

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5/14/20 – W7D4 WARM UP EMOM for 5min complete: 6 Superman’s + 6 deadlifts + 6 curls   STRENGTH 8…1 SA deadlifts SA hang cleans SL box step up knee drives **start w/ right, step w/ right; rest :20sec then switch**   WORKOUT AMRAP 12min of: 10R/10L DB snatch 10 box jumps 24/20 15R/15L DB snatch 20 […]

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5/13/20 – W7D3 WARM UP :30sec quad pulls + :30sec high knees + :30sec toe touches + :30sec butt kicks + :30sec jog   CORE :60sec plank Then, immediately, Tabata (:20sec on/:10sec off – 4x each) Sit ups Bicycles Hollow body hold Then, immediately, :60sec plank **compliments of Coach Jack** WORKOUT For 30mim complete: :30sec run RPE […]

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